Our POINTS of contact Meeting Point opened its doors on 24 May 2018. It offered an extensive program with exciting lectures and architectual guided tours!

Guided tours | Half-day architecture tours

24 May., 25 May., 26 May 2018 | 9.00 h



During the time of the Serenissima Republic of Venice the Fondaco dei Tedeschi served the German merchants as accommodation, warehouse and meeting place. In 2008 the local administration sold the renaissance building to the Benetton Group which commissioned Rem Koolhaas with the planning of a luxury shopping mall.


The showroom of the Olivetti company is located under the portico of the Procuratie Vecchie along the St. Mark’s square. Scarpa reorganized the long and narrow space by introducing a sculpture like staircase and two one‐way “alleys”. The pavement with its small Murano‐glass tiles in different colours is a clear reference to the famous mosaic floor of the close St. Mark’s basilica. Carlo Scarpa designed every detail. Starting with his profound knowledge of the materials and their processing, adding then his own distinctive poetry.


In the 1950s Carlo Scarpa was called for the restauration of the ground floor of the Palace Querini Stampalia, suffering the floods of the high water. Scarpa’s response to the problem was quite unusual: instead of keeping the water out he let it flow inside. In addition to the conference room and the garden he created a new entrance by enlarging a window. Over the last 20 years Mario Botta followed the project of new spatial needs of the Foundation.


Without the inscription over the entry door no one would recognize the little theatre behind the old garden‐walls. Ando, best known for his minimalism created flowing spaces with artfully swaying walls. The light reflects on the light‐grey marmorino just like on facades of the venetian Palaces.


Starting point: Palazzo Contarini Polignac.

The contribution towards expenses of 10.- Euros per person will be due in cash at the Palazzo immediately prior to the start of each guided tour.




25 May. | 20.30 h Film night: Metropolis – accompanied by live piano music

This monumental silent film from the era of German expressionism by Fritz Lang, dating back to 1927, shows a futurist city with a distinctive two-class society. This film was one of the most expensive of its time and is regarded as an important work of in the history of film. It will be shown in the renovated Piano Nobile of the Palazzo.



28 May. | 18.00 h Presentation about „Singer Buildings“

A presentation about the Singer Buildings, “The Dakota” in New York, the Everglades Club in Florida, etc. Charming: Palazzo Contarini Polignac was formerly owned by Winaretta Singer and Edmond de Polignac …