Three German brands – a single attitude.

The joint mission of FSB, Gira and KEUCO: premium-quality components for building construction and a strong commitment to design and culture. This is why in 1998 the three manufacturers founded „POINTS of Contact (in german „BerührungsPUNKTE”), a communication initiative for architects. It stands for interdisciplinary topics concerning architecture and related arts presented, among other things, on the website and through social media activities to inspire architects.

POINTS of Contact is dedicated to these architect-relevant themes as a source of inspiration and ideas – while the three companies involved identify strongly with the communications strategies. With a holistic approach in the form of personal dialogues, events and publications, points of contact are designated and made accessible to architects.



The three companies, FSB, Gira and KEUCO, found their common ground in 1998: in elegant materials, trend-setting ideas, sensual surfaces and their great affinity for architecture. From then on, the communications initiative for architects was to create connections between architecture and overriding subjects.

1998 Establishment of the communications initiative by FSB, Gira and KEUCO
2000 Publication of the book „POINTS of Contact“
2001 Development of the german architects magazine, BerührungsPUNKTE; since then it appears twice a year
2003 / 2005 Our own POINTS of Contact fair stand at the “BAU” trade fair in Munich
2004 “Architektur im Bau” (Architecture under Construction) is initiated for the first time; since then, people have been invited to the AIB when building sites of renowned architects are visited
2005 Architecture competition “p-west” with publication of the documentation
2010 Architecture-Photography Competition CO[R]RELATION with photo catalogue and exhibitions in Germany (Gelsenkirchen and in 2011 in Berlin).
2012 On the occasion of the Architecture Biennale in summer 2012 “POINTS of contact” opens a meetingpoint for architects in the Palazzo Loredan dell’Ambasciatore on the Canal Grande.
2013 The german magazine “BerührungsPUNKTE” is honored by the Design Council “Rat für Formgebung” with a “Special Mention” as part of the German Design Award.
2014 POINTS of Contact Meetingpoint for architects in the Palazzo Loredan dell’ Ambasciatore in Venice
2016 POINTS of Contact Meetingpoint for architects in the Palazzo Contarini in Venice
2017 The architects magazine „POINTS of contact“ is now available in english
2018 POINTS of Contact Meetingpoint for architects in the Palazzo Contarini in Venice

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