Since the phenomenal inauguration in 2012, the communication initiative POINTS of contact by FSB, Gira and KEUCO hosts a Meeting Point for architects in Venice every two years to a as part of the opening week of the Architecture Biennale. The Meeting Point always takes place in a historic palazzo directly on the Grand Canal, mostly with a garden. Everyone who registers for the free VIP package will receive access to the Meeting Point. This includes the visit of the Palazzo daily from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., catering, evening programme, guided city tours, a water taxi shuttle between the Biennale grounds and the Palazzo and much more…

The Meeting Point can already be described as an integral part of the first Biennale days. The legendary POINTS of contact Welcome Party on the first evening is a special highlight. The German and international architects are eagerly awaiting this date and meet at the Palazzo in Venice to relax, network, eat, drink and celebrate.

In 2018 a total of 2,300 architects visited the Meeting Point – taking place this year at the historic Palazzo Contarini Polignac. Most guests vcame to the Palazzo several times a day. They took advantage of the water taxi shuttle, relaxed on the sun loungers in the garden and enjoyed the indescribable view of the Grand Canal. On the day of the official opening of the Biennale, the Jubilee Party took place at the Meeting Point in the evening. More than 1,000 registered architects, media representatives, people interested in culture and architecture celebrated in a good mood and enjoyed the magical atmosphere. Many relaxed, excited, laughing and discussing people with at least three things in common that night: the interest in the Biennale, the love of Venice and the relation to this Meeting Point on the Grand Canal.

Many of our guests will definitely not forget this scene: heading for the jetty of the POINTS of Contact Palazzo with the water taxi, their minds still occupied with the visit to the Biennale, with the oasis of relaxation and pleasant conversations in their sights, as well as the cold drinks and the garden loungers.

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