Welcome to our category „Venice from A to Z“. While waiting for the Architecture Biennale in Venice to start – and to inform you about many peculiarities of the lagoon city before you visit our Meeting Point – we would like to present to you our Venice ABC in the following weeks and months.

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Z like…

…like Zecca

Jacopo Sansovino, The Zecca, 1536-45, Venice

Jacopo Sansovino’s first major commission in Venice was the new mint or Zecca in San Marco which has been previously near to the Rialto Bridge. In 1535 the Council of Ten agreed that a new mint was needed and initiated a competition for the commission. Sansovino was selected as the winner in 1536. As the minting of coins was integral to the working and prosperity of the city it was an important and highly used building. With the economic boom of the early 1530s the previous mint could not handle the newly necessary volume of production. In 1797, with the fall of the Venetian Republic, the mint continued working, first producing coins to the French standard, then that of Austria. The mint finally closed in 1866 when Venice became a part of the Kingdom of Italy. Today the Palazzo della Zecca is an integral part of the Biblioteca Marciana (St. Mark’s Library).

Zecca © Nino Barbieri


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