Welcome to our category „Venice from A to Z“. While waiting for the Architecture Biennale in Venice to start – and to inform you about many peculiarities of the lagoon city before you visit our Meeting Point – we would like to present to you our Venice ABC in the following weeks and months.

Enjoy reading!


X like…

…like Xylophone

Venice is one of the most popular cities in Europe. Especially for Carnival, many tourists visit the lagoon city. With over three million visitors, the carnival is therefore the high season. The many colorful masks and the baroque music lure into the city. The solo part of the song „Carnival of Venice“ is almost always played with the xylophone. This instrument is considered a symbol of the Venetian carnival. Although the carnival is rather quiet, many theatre performances are accompanied by the xylophone.

…like Xi’an

The Silk Road © fdecomite – Silk Road 1992

The Silk Road is known for trade between East and West. For many years, the historic trade route has been used by many different cultures. Influenced by wars, the traffic routes were extended and changed. Among others by Marco Polo the northern route from Venice to Xi’an is well known. It leads through Georgia, from Batumi via Tbilisi to Lagodekhi. Different mentality and trade can be observed on the route.






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