Welcome to our category „Venice from A to Z“. While waiting for the Architecture Biennale in Venice to start – and to inform you about many peculiarities of the lagoon city before you visit our Meeting Point – we would like to present to you our Venice ABC in the following weeks and months.

Enjoy reading!


U like…

…like Underwater

It has been said for many years that Venice is sinking. Travellers visiting Venice in winter months often experience a waterlogged city. Rising water levels is something that Venice has been battling for many years, with flooding commonplace; Venetians call it the ‘acqua alta’ and it usually happens between November and March. Every year, temporary stilted walkways are constructed on the streets so pedestrians can still get around. For tourists in Venice, the sight of St. Mark’s Basilica reflected in the flooded square is a novel experience, beautiful even, but for the city’s residents and governors it is a major cause for concern. Important historical monuments, churches and the general architecture are at risk of damage.


…like UNESCO World Heritage

Celebrated throughout the world for its singular beauty, Venice and its lagoon were added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1987. Venice is an open-air museum that seems to float on its lagoon. Visitors can walk its entirety if they want to, crossing its characteristic calle or vias, its campi and campitelli (piazzas and little piazzas, to be exact) and its bridges. Or they can watch the city go by from the comfort of a boat, choosing from private transport (gondolas), or public – the vaporetti – which boast the ideal vantage point (the Canal Grande) from which to observe all the beautiful scenery this unique place has to offer. 



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