The London Festival of Architecture celebrates London as the global hub for architecture. The festival returns to the capital from 1-30 June 2019 with a diverse programme of public events across London exploring the theme of ‘boundaries’. From suburban semis with picket fences to mansions with their moats, the British have always used architecture to express their love of a good boundary: the rich man in his castle, the poor man at the gate. Look around London and everywhere you will see the architectural signals that define people past and present, their place in society, and the distribution of property.

The London Festival of Architecture began in 2004, and has since grown to become the world’s largest annual architecture festival. The festival attracts a vast public audience – well over 600,000 people in 2018. The vast majority of events are free, and are staged by a core festival programming team working alongside architecture and design practices and practitioners, leading cultural and academic institutions, artists and many others.

In 2017 the London Festival of Architecture was named by Mayor of London Sadiq Khan as one of his design advocate organisations, and is working alongside the Mayor’s team to champion architecture, provide expertise and guidance, and help to make London a better city.

Studio Lates

The Studio Lates Programme is one of the most popular elements of the London Festival of Architecture: a time when architects open the doors to their studios. Whether it’s an exhibition, drop-in design surgery, a talk or simply a party – each practice makes their Studio Late their own. Forming clusters makes it easier for visitors to drop by a number of different practices in one evening. This year our Studio Laters take place every Friday in June clustered around four areas.

You can find the full programme here