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Title: What Goes Up: The Right and Wrongs to the City
Author: Michael Sorkin
Published: April 2018
Publisher: Verso
368 pages / 9781786635150

New York, New York, New York, is the first chapter of Michael Sorkins latest book on this city. The radical architect examines the changing fortunes of New York and the contemporary city in general.

Michael Sorkin is one of the most forthright and engaging architectural writers in the world. In „What Goes Up“ he takes to task the public officials, developers, “civic” organizations, and other heroes of big money, who have made of Sorkin’s beloved New York a city of glittering towers and increasing inequality. He unpacks not simply the forms and practices – from zoning and political deals to the finer points of architectural design – that shape cities today but also offers spirited advocacy for another kind of city, reimagined from the street up on a human scale, a home to sustainable, just, and fulfilling neighborhoods and public spaces.

Sorkin writes of the joys and techniques of observing and inhabiting cities and buildings in order to both better understand and to more happily be in them. Sorkin has never been shy about naming names. He has been a scourge of design mediocrity and of the supine compliance of “starchitects”, who readily accede to the demands of greed and privilege. „What Goes Up“ casts the net wide, as he directs his arguments to students, professionals, and urban citizens.