Holistic design is one of the great challenges for every planner/architect. It includes evaluating materialities, external appearance, the relationship between space and environment as well as the demands on the individual functional units and rooms. A deliberately chosen homogeneity of individual design objects is as often desired as it is sought in vain.

The three German brands FSB, Gira and KEUCO joined forces 20 years ago to guarantee a holistic design approach – each brand in its own way but all with the same aim: creating beauty in architecture and perfection in function.

If door and window handles, light switches as well as bathroom fittings and accessories resemble each other in terms of materiality and appearance, if they meet the demands placed on holistic design, selected design objects and compelling quality, then a big step towards meeting architectural needs has been taken.

FSB 1075: The classic made of aluminum, blasted and anodised in black, forms a unit with switch and fitting. Additional surface designs, an alternative materiality in stainless steel and the model as a window handle extend the range of application.

Gira Studio: Round and square, black and white. The new Gira Studio switch range focuses on powerful contrasts. As a surface-mounted variant in a trendy design interior or as a flush-mounted variant in an upscale living room.

KEUCO EDITION 400: A furnishing concept for modern bathroom design with a wide range of possible combinations of fittings and accessories, mirror cabinets and illuminated mirrors, washbasins and bathroom furniture. The single-lever washbasin mixer with its elegant, matt black design is both pleasant to the touch and impervious at the same time.