Only a few clicks to perfect fittings for the shower and bath tub

A multitude of options is available for customers when it comes to planning fittings for the shower and the bath tub. How many water draw-off points are needed? Is a thermostatic mixer preferred or a single-lever mixer? Are chrome-plated fittings best for the bathroom furnishings or should they have an extravagant special finish such as polished bronze? These questions and more are asked step by step during the configuration process in KEUCO’s IXMO planner at The goal is to develop the perfect plan for your own personalised shower or bath tub solution.

Professional bathroom installers and customers value the IXMO planner’s ease of use. After the configuration of your personal solution is complete, it is displayed visually and a detailed list of the products required for the installation is generated. All the information is summarised clearly in a PDF file. Also available are installation diagrams and videos. It is the professional planning tool for personalised bathroom planning.

Here is how it works:

After selecting planning for either the shower or the bath tub, you are asked whether it is to be based on a single-lever mixer or thermostatic mixer. With each step in the planning, the picture of the application on the right becomes more detailed.

Now the customer selects the desired water draw-off points. Simply click on them and proceed to the next step.

Now to the design: round or square decor discs?

In the final step one can choose between nine different surfaces – from the classic glossy chrome right to the more exotic brushed black chrome.

And now the plan for the personalised shower solution is complete. The summary can be saved as a PDF file, printed out and discussed with the professional bathroom installer. The installer is provided with a list of all the pertinent information, and in the visualisation on the right the customer can see exactly what his or her shower will look like when it is finished.

„Less can do more“ – even when planning with KEUCO’s IXMO online planner.