A competition embracing architecture as a whole: with its “ICONIC Awards: Innovative Architecture”, Germany’s Design Council has initiated an unbiased international architecture and design competition that for the first time takes account of the interplay between the disciplines involved. Prizes go to visionary buildings, innovative products and sustainable communication from all spheres of architecture, the construction and real-estate sectors and manufacturing industry.

The new overarching category of “Innovative Material” honours the development of materials that are sustainable, energy-efficient and both functionally and aesthetically versatile.

„FSB Aluminium revitalised” is one of the winners and is entitled to label itself “Best of Best” in this category.

Adopting a mix of manual and industrialised methods, FSB has perfected the processing of aluminium with a view to “working” each of its various door and window handle designs out of the material to optimum effect. FSB opens up new design options for interiors with velvety-matt aluminium finishes in five different anodised colours. What makes “Blasted Aluminium Colour Anodised” so appealing is its uncommon sheen and how pleasant it is to touch. Thus, each of our handles in Aluminium is effectively “hand-made in Germany”.

The Wege zur Architektur book series is likewise deemed one of the best in the “Communication” category.

FSB has been sponsoring the “Lecture on Architecture” held during the annual “Paths through the Region” festival of literature and music since 2003. Talks are given by an internationally noted architect, examples to date including Peter Zumthor, Rafael Moneo and Anupama Kundoo. They are documented in FSB’s Wege zur Architektur (“Paths to Architecture”) series, of which twelve multilingual volumes have so far appeared: a joy to read and feast one’s eyes on!

FSB’s new plug-in handle for timber and metal windows is now adjudged a “Winner” in the “Building Technologies” category.

With its radically pared-down rose, the FSB plug-in handle is ideal for any window profile – be it timber or metal. There’s nothing reductionist about the range of variants available, though: awaiting assembly are 37 different handle designs in Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Brass and Bronze.

Triple award-winning quality made in Germany. FSB. It’s in your hands.