The tribute FSB is paying to the great master coincides with the centenary of the Bauhaus: FSB 1267 is more than just a replica of an original Mies van der Rohe door handle, though: it embodies the formal thrust of its forebears whilst also equipping them for the requirements of contemporary architecture.

Hartmut Weise has set his hand to creating a door-lever collection that is both exceedingly elegant and highly articulate. FSB 1267 takes the original flowing transition from circular neck to flat grip and re-interprets it, in the process reducing the forefinger furrow to a mere notion. The actual grip has been levelled out.

In-line handles for flush and framed doors are supplemented by an EN 179 variant with return to door and a cranked model for narrow-frame doors. FSB 1267 is available in the materials Aluminium, Brass and Bronze and is prepared for the FSB ASL®/AGL® bearing system. The range is rounded off by plug-in handles for doors and windows, a fitting for glass doors and conventional window handles.

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