Yesterday night the Piano Nobile of Palazzo Contarini Polignac was opened to the guests of the POINTS of contact Meeting Point for architects in Venice. 200 wooden chairs with red velvet transformed the prestigous room into a festive cinema.

The famous silent black and white film Metropolis by Fritz Lang (1926) accompanied by live piano and accordion was shown on the first floor of the Palazzo and created a very special atmosphere in the stucco decorated hall.


Lang tells the story of a towering city of the future. Above ground, it has spires and towers, elevated highways, an Olympian stadium and Pleasure Gardens. Below the surface is a workers‘ city where the clocks show 10 hours to squeeze out more work time, the workers live in tenement housing and work consists of unrelenting service to a machine. Metropolis fixed for countless later films the image of a futuristic city.

The timeless classic is still today a reference for the futuristic city and specially loved by architects.

You can watch the full movie here