The year 2019 started for FSB, Gira and KEUCO with several fairs where they presented their newest product innovations – because continuous development is the basis of their success. Here we show you the latest fair highlights.


FSB: Mies van der Rohe re-interpreted
The tribute FSB is paying to the great master coincides with the centenary of the Bauhaus: FSB 1267 is more than just a replica of an original Mies van der Rohe door handle, though: it embodies the formal thrust of its forebears whilst also equipping them for the requirements of contemporary architecture.
Hartmut Weise has set his hand to creating a door-lever collection that is both exceedingly elegant and highly articulate. FSB 1267 takes the original flowing transition from circular neck to flat grip and re-interprets it, in the process reducing the forefinger furrow to a mere notion. The actual grip has been levelled out.

In-line handles for flush and framed doors are supplemented by an EN 179 variant with return to door and a cranked model for narrow-frame doors. FSB 1267 is available in the materials Aluminium, Brass and Bronze and is prepared for the FSB ASL®/AGL® bearing system. The range is rounded off by plug-in handles for doors and windows, a fitting for glass doors and conventional window handles. Read more



Gira Plug & Light: Simply plug in and switch on
„Plug & Light“ denotes a light socket outlet onto which lights can be docked – a defined interface which unites power supply and light control. It makes indoor lighting „smart“ and lighting design flexible and simple at the same time. Particularly clever: The light socket outlet automatically detects the docked lights, which are held in the light socket outlet by a magnet. A special lock provides theft protection and also protects against falling, allowing the lights to be mounted on the ceiling. In terms of appearance, the light socket outlet matches the design lines from the Gira System 55.

It is controlled by a dimmer which ensures flicker-free dimmed light, ranging from dimming to warm dim. Initially, spotlights and floodlights are available as lights. All docked lights can be rotated continuously by 360° and can even be replaced during operation. Even the floodlights match the design lines of the Gira System 55. When switched off, they look like a switch. The spotlights have adjustable glare protection.

„Plug & Light“ guarantees the user a great deal of flexibility for lighting solutions, especially when it comes to light arrangements. They are used primarily in restaurants and hotels as well as shop fitting, in addition to all areas of private living. Read more 


KEUCO IXMO_solo thermostat: Absolute reduction to essentials

The sensation for the shower

Minimalism means eliminating the unnecessary. Minimalism in the shower means, IXMO_solo. Thanks to innovative technology the fitting uniquely combines thermostat, stop valve, and a wall outlet for the shower hose, all functions in only one module. Operating it is easy and can be grasped intuitively. The water flow is regulated at the front, the temperature at the back, and the hose connection is integrated. Because there is only one element on the wall conducting the water, you have more freedom of design and considerably less installation work.

The thermostat revolution completes the IXMO_solo seriesProduct design has many aspects when it comes to the KEUCO philosophy. The aspiration is holistic: Create a design icon while adding relevant improvements to a product at the same time. The IXMO_solo thermostat represents a systematic thought through approach to the basic “less can do more” principle. The fitting combines the three elements thermostat, stop valve and the wall outlet for the shower hose in only one element, which is what makes it such a unique shower solution. IXMO_solo is also unique in terms of engineering: Projecting out only 100 mm and with round or square rosettes with diameters or edge lengths of only 90 mm, the IXMO_solo thermostat is impressively small and fits in any bathroom. Having only one minimalist fitting element on the wall also offers other very practical advantages: It is easier to install and easier to clean. By combining innovative technology with excellent design, the IXMO_solo thermostat is an impressive addition to the IXMO family. Read more