The sensation for the shower
Minimalism means eliminating the unnecessary. Minimalism in the shower means, IXMO_solo. Thanks to innovative technology the fitting uniquely combines thermostat, stop valve, and a wall outlet for the shower hose, all functions in only one module. Operating it is easy and can be grasped intuitively. The water flow is regulated at the front, the temperature at the back, and the hose connection is integrated. Because there is only one element on the wall conducting the water, you have more freedom of design and considerably less installation work.

The thermostat revolution completes the IXMO_solo series
Product design has many aspects when it comes to the KEUCO philosophy. The aspiration is holistic: Create a design icon while adding relevant improvements to a product at the same time. The IXMO_solo thermostat represents a systematic thought through approach to the basic “less can do more” principle. The fitting combines the three elements thermostat, stop valve and the wall outlet for the shower hose in only one element, which is what makes it such a unique shower solution. IXMO_solo is also unique in terms of engineering: Projecting out only 100 mm and with round or square rosettes with diameters or edge lengths of only 90 mm, the IXMO_solo thermostat is impressively small and fits in any bathroom. Having only one minimalist fitting element on the wall also offers other very practical advantages: It is easier to install and easier to clean. By combining innovative technology with excellent design, the IXMO_solo thermostat is an impressive addition to the IXMO family.

Benefits for professionals
The IXMO_solo thermostat scores points with its extremely shallow installation depth of a minimum of 65 mm. This means easy installation, even in thin walls or during subsequent modernisation work. Thanks to the intelligent depth-compensation feature, the installation depth can be flexibly adjusted by any amount from 65 to 95 mm. Installation is extremely quick and easy for professional installers, because they only have to deal with one single in-wall component. For the rough work stage the rinse unit along with stop valve are integrated in the rough part, just as is a mechanism to deal with water lines which are the wrong way round. This ensures a reliable installation no matter what.

Excellent teamwork with IXMO accessories
Just as minimalist, highly functional and quickly installed are the IXMO accessories for the complete shower solution, such as the hand shower bracket and sliding rail. The three IXMO finishes of lustrous chrome, matt aluminium or high quality stainless steel open up enormous freedom of design and offer even more potential combinations to suit individual taste.

Unique soloist – the IXMO hand shower bracket
The IXMO hand shower bracket satisfies all requirements on reduced design in the bathroom, in line with the general trend in the direction of minimalist shower solutions: Its perfect shape provides ergonomic support and offers hold in different positions.

The IXMO hand shower sliding rail: robust, functional and aesthetic
The robust rail with a sliding bracket for the shower head blends longevity and aesthetic design with meaningful functionality. The height of the sliding bracket is adjustable and can be easily operated with only one hand. The bracket can also be turned 180°, depending on whether the shower head is to be used on the left or the right of the rail. Round or rectangular versions of rosettes are available for the shower rail to match the thermostat. Therefore the reduced aesthetic fits matches the rest of the IXMO line perfectly.