Russia: Station „Russia“

Commissioner/Curator: Semyon Mikhailovsky






The pavilion explores the past, present and future of the railways in Russia. The space is transformed into a train station. The focus of the exhibition forms a parallel with the history of the Russian Pavilion itself, which was inaugurated in 1914. The building’s designer, Alexey Shchusev, was also responsible for the Kazanasky Railway Station. The space is divided into five halls:

Hall 1: The Geography of Free Space Hall

Hall 2: The Architectural Depot

Hall 3: The Waiting Hall of the Future

Hall 4: The Crypt of Memories

Hall 5: Aboard the Free Space


Venezuela: CCS – Espacio Rebelde

Commissioner/Curator: Nelsón Rodriguez






The show presents three large scale urban plans in Caracas: Avenida Bolivar-Bulevar de Sabada Grande, Simón Bolívar Parl in la Carlota and the Hugo Chávez Park in La Rinconada


Denmark: Possible Spaces

Commissioner: Kent Martinussen, CEO of the Danish Architecture Centre

Curator: Natalie Mossin





The Danish Pavilion presents a Danish approach to innovation through four projects selected by curator Natalie Mossin. The four Danish projects showcase some of the specific strengths of the Danish architectural tradition: interdisciplinary collaboration, and a very keen focus on sustainability. Natalie Mossin has chosen to tell a Danish story of persuing a joint approach to holistic sustainable development through interdisciplinary alliances and across sectors and communities.