Brazil: Walls of Air

Commissioner: Joao Carlos de Figueiredo Ferraz – Fundacao Bienal de Sao Paulo

Curators: Gabriel Kozlowski, Laura González Fierro, Marcelo Maia Rosa and Sol Camacho

„Walls of Air/Muros de ar“ investigates the walls as an element of Brazilian architecture, culture and identity, and envisage in the act of bridging this wall an invitation to coexistence and multiplicity.


Greece: The school of Athens

Commissioner: Secretary General of Spatial Planning and Urban Environment , Eirini Klampatsea

Curators: Xristina Argyros, Ryan Neiheiser

„The School of Athens“ examines the architecture of the academic commons – from Plato’s Academy to contemporary university designs. Referencing Raphael’s famous fresco, the Pavilion is transformed into a stepped landscape – an open, informal and common space that will invite visitors to interact with fifty-five-3D-printed models of educational spaces from around the world and different architectural periods, both built and unbuilt.



Serbia:  Free School Is Free Space

Commissioner: Dejan Todorovic

Curators: Scientific Committee Ljiljana Miletic Abramovic, Aleksandru Vuja, Slobodan Jovic, Predrag Milutinovic, Natalija Ristanovic, Maja Ciric, Vesna Cagic Milosevic

This work was inspired by the Drawing on the Wall that Branko Stanojevic found in a basement room of the house which used to be Bogdan Bogdanovic’s Village School of the Philosophy of Architecture from 1976 to 1990. After the school was closed, over its long history of decay, the house became Free Space for refugees, football players, hunters vagrants.