When we decided on the magazine title ‘Aspiration’, we had the idea of getting to know the three cooperating companies FSB, Gira and KEUCO in this very respect. To do this the POINTS of contact team visited the managers and a few employees, there where they do what reflects their core competences, there where metal and plastic smells lie in the air, and where you can walk your feet off in factory halls, logistics centres and between different production locations. In places where not only perfect design, new surfaces or new editions are visible, but also where masses of raw material are processed: steel and brass tubing, aluminium rods on palettes and in crates, unprocessed zinc pressure die-cast parts, handle moulds, plastic granulate and at first glance indefinable single parts welcome the visitor and wake curiosity. Where noise rules, lively industriousness, where vats of liquid aluminium and galvanising baths stand, where yellow markings on the floor ensure order and the contrast between highly technical robots and power-intensive and sensitive craftsmanship for the achievement of an optimum tactile quality fascinates.

Which company exactly makes what, and where, which processes are carried out, what is the common denominator of the managers, how differently do the designers develop their award-winning products? Which aspiration drives them?




‘Cheap I cannot afford. That is too expensive for me.’ Dieter Holsträter, Manager FSB

Brakel (Franz Schneider Brakel GmbH + Co KG)
Employees: 600 Production area: 25,000 m²
further locations: Subsidiary company SSF Sächsische Schlossfabrik GmbH, Groitzsch near Leipzig; US sales company FSB USA Inc., Madison, Connecticut,
USA Managers: Udo Brechmann, Dieter Holsträter Family company since 1881, The shareholders are the Schneider and Scheffler families
Further contact persons for this article: Matthias Fuchs (Marketing), Hartmut Weise (Designer), Benjamin Gockeln (Assistant to Technical Management)
Quotation: ‘FSB. You have it in your hand’

Company profile: FSB





‘For me things are especially beautiful when they support a product’s task.’ Thomas Musial, Manager Gira


Headquarters: Radevormwald
Employees: 1,260
Production area: 13,000 m²
Managers: Alfred A. Bulitz, Dirk Giersiepen, Thomas Musial A family company in the 4th generation (since 1905)
Contact persons: Jan Böttcher, André Dornseiff, Christiane Fastenau, Markus Fromm-Wittenberg, Hartmut Heinbach, Thomas Musial, Markus

Company profile: GIRA






‘When an emotional component of a product appeals to my senses, pleases me, and touches me pleasantly, then that is sensuality. The functionality and the quality of the design form the foundation for this.’ Hartmut Dalheimer, Manager KEUCO

Hemer, Gütersloh
Employees: 500 Further locations within the company group (two plants: furniture and glass)
Managers: Hartmut Dalheimer, Engelbert Himrich Family company in the third generation (since 1953)
Associates: Paul Emmanuel de Becker-Remy, Engelbert Himrich, the König
family further contact persons: Katja Zimmermann (Marketing), Dominik Tesseraux (Tesseraux+Partner)
Quotation: ‘Symbiosis of meaningfulness and sensuousness’

Company profile: KEUCO